Redefining The Modern Record Retrieval Solution.

Powered by iCopy, Nimbus is an innovative records retrieval platform built by attorneys and for attorneys. Designed to be the most seamless records retrieval service in the industry, Nimbus takes the hassle of sending, receiving, and tracking records and documents out of crucial daily activity.

Fast. Accurate. Transparent.

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The Ultimate Record Retrieval Platform

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Easy Upload Ordering

Skip the tedious order form. Easily upload documents that already exist such as HIPAA authorizations, service lists, etc. and the iCopy team will handle the rest - keying in the data for you.

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Responsive Search

Nimbus Search™ is a responsive search system that filters results in real-time, no matter which piece of data you have on hand i.e. firm file number, case name, plaintiff, records location.

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Customized Reporting

Run real-time status reports customized to fit the information that matters most to you and your team. View them inside your dashboard or export to a spreadsheet.

Get the documents you need faster and easier.

  • Easy upload ordering
  • An intuitive search system
  • Customized reporting solutions
  • Priority alerts (so you always know where the records you requested are)
  • Instant downloads
  • Direct and reliable messaging
  • Transparency into the record retrieval process
  • And much more

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Record retrieval has been a time-consuming process for far too long. Your law firm’s time is invaluable, and wasting it on the many tasks involved in record retrieval makes little business sense for your firm, your team, and your clients. That’s where iCopy’s Nimbus platform changes the game.

Elevate your expectations for record retrieval in the modern era. 


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